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11.25.2022 Our CEO Takashi Mugitani will appear on TBC Tohoku Broadcasting "N Star Miyagi" on November 28th (Monday) around 18:30.
11.21.2022 An article about the recycling of optical fiber cables adopted as a project commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment was published in the Weekly Circular Economy Newspaper. 
11.7.2022 Ministry of the Environment consignment project was announced in the press.
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11.6.2022 This time, it was published on an overseas news site. My efforts to deal with Japan's plastics and environmental problems, such as film production and recycling using original technology, are posted. The original text is in English, but I am attaching the URL of the site where it is posted, so please take a look at it when you have time.
 England "techbullion" Canada "netnewsledger"
10.22.2022 An interview with our CEO Takashi Mugiya was published in the Mainichi Shinbun. Mugiya carefully describes the thoughts he put into the film and the current state of recycling." 
9.27.2022 A column was published in the Kahoku Shimpo morning edition "Miyagi SDGs Shinpo" 
9.19.2022 An advertisement was placed on the front page of the Weekly Circular Economy Newspaper 

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